Roller Gins

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Sümer Rollr Gin is a machine which seperates the seeds from the cotton-seed collected from cotton fields with a capacity of 100 Kg/h. It has been about sixty years we have been producing roller gins and founding complete units. Cotten-seed is transferred by aspirators to the condenser in the gin Hall. After passing through the first cleaning, transferred to the automatic feeder of the gin by helical tubes. The seeds are separated from the cotton by the gins mounted in two opposite lines to the seed hall through the lower helical tubes. The separated cotton falls down on the conveyor bands in front of the gin and transferred to the cleaner for the last cleaning. After the last cleaning cotton is sent to the press packing hall and packed there in the forms of 200-220 Kg.bales to be delivered.

Up to now we had founded many units in the cotton areas of the world. Our costomers who congratulate us for the good working and we try to help to the ones planning to enlarge their plants.


MOTOR REQUIRED   :              4KW=5,5 HP , 1450 r.p.m
LOWER MILL SPEED :              930 - 960 r.p.m


LENGTH :  1520 mm.

WIDTH    :  1200 mm.

HEIGHT  :  Together with the feeder 1470 mm

GINNING CAPACITY :   40-70 Kg. lint / h, depending on the quality and type  of seed-cotton to be ginned.

DRIVE : Individual motor drive. Power transmitted from motor to crankshaft by V-belt.

ELECTRICALS  :  220 / 380 ; 50c/s ;  3 phase A/C supply.

BEARINGS USED  :  All the main operating parts are fitted with ball bearings.

GINNING ROLLERS   :  Leather covered ginning rollers with diameter 200 mm.

WEIGHT APPROX  : Gross 700 Kg.


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